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Obtain Maltese Residency Visa

Obtain Maltese Residency Visa

Malta offers 4 ways to obtain residency, each program is subject to different conditions that can be explained by one of our Maltese immigration lawyers. Each residency permit program can be explained by our advisors who can help foreigners with the formalities implicated prior to the application. Legal assistance and support are provided to foreigners who want to relocate to Malta. If you want to obtain a residence permit in Malta or Malta citizenship, our immigration lawyers can help you.

Malta ordinary residence permit

The ordinary residence permit in Malta can be issued for long-term or temporary stays in Malta. The EU/EEA and Swiss citizens must apply for an ordinary residence permit in Malta. Here are a few aspects you need to know about ordinary residence permit for Malta:

  •  The permanent residence permit is issued after living in Malta for at least 5 years without interruptions.
  •  Those living in Malta for more than 3 months must apply for a temporary residence permit.
  •  One must provide information about the rented or purchased house in Malta. Our experts can help you move to Malta.
  •  Work or business is permitted with an ordinary residence permit.

Citizens from Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland are subject to the Ordinary residence Scheme in Malta. All you need to know about the Malta residency visa can be solicited from our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. If you are interested in obtaining a residence permit in Malta, contact our immigration lawyers, as they can help you move to Malta.

Malta Residence Program

Malta Residence Program or RPR is designated to high net worth individuals and family members. This kind of Malta residency visa applies to the EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens interested in relocating to Malta. Moreover, there is a special tax status for applicants of this residence program, and this involves a 15% tax rate imposed on incomes generated outside of Malta but received in the country. In terms of eligibility, foreign citizens need to rent or acquire a house in Malta, have medical insurance for all family members, have a stable and regular income, present a certificate of good health, and have a valid passport. All these formalities can be entirely handled by our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. Those interested in Malta residency visa can talk to our specialists and ask for support. We can help them relocate to Malta.

Malta Global Residence Program

Malta Global Residence Program comes with a series of benefits. For instance, a flat rate of 15% tax rate applicable to incomes is imposed. Among the requirements to enter this program we mention renting or buying a property, and pay an administration fee of approximately EUR 6,000. Malta Global Residence Program (GRP) addresses 3rd country nationals, EEA citizens and Swiss nationals who have a stable income, medical insurance, speak fluently the English language and hold a property in Malta (rentals are accepted too). You can ask our immigration lawyers in Malta for more details about GRP. Malta residency visa formalities can be solicited from our team of advisors.

What is the Malta Residence and Visa Program?

Malta Residence and Visa Program or MRVP enters the attention of third-country nationals who want to immigrate to Malta with their families. This is an investment program through which foreigners can obtain residency in Malta. An annual income of more than EUR 100,000 is part of the eligibility criteria to enter the program. A stable income to sustain living in Malta, including for family members is needed. Plus, the authorities will verify the criminal record and the reputation of the citizen interested in MRVP. If you need to know more about this matter, please discuss it with our Maltese immigration lawyers.

We can also assist with the procedure of obtaining Malta citizenship by investment and the residence permit in Malta.

Why immigrate to Malta

Malta provides plenty of business opportunities and excellent living conditions. Education is a solid point that attracts foreigners who want the best in terms of teaching and knowledge for their children. The tax system in Malta is extremely appealing to foreign entrepreneurs wanting to start operations in this country. Plus, Malta visas are available throughout the entire Schengen area. The political stability, a stable economy, education opportunities, the great tax regime, and being one of the safest countries in the world make Malta an excellent choice for relocation. Here are some facts and figures about Malta:

Interested in obtaining the residence permit in Malta? Would you like to apply for Malta citizenship? We kindly invite you to contact our team of immigration lawyers in Malta and solicit legal advice. We have experience in wide immigration matters.

  1. There are around 442,000 persons living in the insular state.
  2. In terms of FDI, the total stock registered for 2019 was around USD 206 billion, representing about 1,425% of the country’s GDP.
  3. More than 31,000 foreign companies are established and active in Malta.
  4. The 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank ranks Malta 88th out of 190 economies in the world.