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Maltese Citizenship by Descent

Maltese Citizenship by Descent

Maltese citizenship by descent refers to persons who were born abroad but who can prove that they have Maltese parents. The Maltese Citizenship Act is the law that mentions in detail how people in this category can obtain Maltese citizenship. With the help of our immigration lawyers in Malta, you can benefit from complete legal advice regarding the formalities for obtaining a Maltese passport by descent. We can help you immigrate to Malta.

How to apply for Maltese citizenship by descent

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, foreign nationals who prove that they have descendants in Malta can apply for citizenship. This is where the parents of the respective applicants come into discussion, as well as the grandparents, where appropriate. In other words, if you were born abroad, but have parents with origins in Malta, Maltese citizenship by descent comes into play. Here is some other information on how to apply for Maltese citizenship by descent:

  • According to the Maltese Citizenship Act, applicants whose parents died after August 1, 2010, and who have not applied for citizenship before are no longer entitled to citizenship by descent.
  • In the case of those who lost their parents in the period 2007-2010, the application for Maltese citizenship is still valid.
  • Applicants must be in full capacity when applying for Maltese citizenship by descent.
  • Even stateless persons can apply for Maltese citizenship by descent if they prove that they are of Maltese descent. In their case, the authorities reserve the right to make certain checks.

Learn more about Maltese citizenship by descent from our immigration lawyers in Malta. We offer legal advice to those who want to immigrate to Malta. If you are interested in immigrating to Malta from other countries, such as USA or UK, we can offer you professional legal advice.

Those who want to move to Malta can benefit from the legal support offered by our lawyers on immigration issues. A quick process can be the one in which you access the Malta Residency and Visa Programme, where you can make an investment of at least EUR 120,000. You can also invest the amount of EUR 250,000 in the bond, but you must also take into account additional contributions to the government. Whichever option you choose, contact us for more information.

Special cases of Maltese citizenship by descent

Citizenship by descent in Malta can be won automatically by persons born after August 1, 1989, outside this country, if they have Maltese or naturalized parents. Maltese citizenship by registration applies to persons born between September 1964 and July 1989, with mothers born in this country or naturalized. In the latter case, the applications must prove the origin of the parents with the help of birth certificates. It is important to note that in such situations, the Maltese authorities will not require proof of residence in Malta. But for more information, please contact our specialists with experience in immigration issues. They can help you relocate to Malta in a fast manner.

Are you planning to apply for citizenship in Malta? You can discuss all legal aspects with our Maltese immigration lawyers. In addition to preparing the necessary documents, our experts can explain the entire process and the formalities involved. For example, in the case of Maltese citizenship by marriage, those interested must present a valid passport, marriage and birth certificates, joint affidavit, and valid passport, among others. Contact us to find out and discuss all the details.

Advantages of Maltese passport by descent

The Maltese passport is one of the most important passports in the world and comes with a number of advantages. The possibility to travel without restrictions in all EU and EEA countries, but also in Switzerland is an important benefit for those who own it. This passport is insured for people born in Malta, but also for those who have naturalized or who have earned Maltese citizenship by descent. Also, Maltese citizenship by investment applicants benefit from this passport and all the rights that come with it.

If you are also interested in a Maltese passport by descent, we invite you to talk to our immigration lawyers in Malta. We are here to offer you all the necessary support to relocate to Malta. Those who want to retire to Malta can obtain legal support from our immigration lawyers.

Statistics on immigration and the Maltese population

Malta is an island state that offers many possibilities to those who want to make investments here, to retire in old age, or simply to find better living conditions. Besides this aspect, Malta has always been open to helping refugees and stateless persons, around 3,300 people with this status registering only in 2019. Here are other interesting statistics on this topic:

  • Malta’s population is about 443,111, according to worldometers.info.
  • Of these, more than 98,000 are immigrants.
  • The net migration rate in Malta is about 2% per thousand inhabitants in Malta, according to data for 2020.

Interested in how to move to Malta? Feel free to get in touch with our Maltese immigration lawyers.

Our lawyers can help you with Maltese citizenship by descent application

People born outside Malta, but who have parents with origins in this country can apply for Maltese citizenship by descent. As the process can be complex for foreigners, the specialized help offered by immigration lawyers in Malta is recommended. You will be able to benefit from professionalism, transparency, and permanent communication in order to have the desired results.

You can collaborate with one of our lawyers if you want to obtain a residency permit in Malta. It is important to specify that the first document will be valid for 5 years, after which you will apply for permanent residency in this country. The formalities and the preparation of the documents for this status fall under the attention of our specialists, so do not hesitate to contact us for all the information that interests you.

Therefore, more about Maltese citizenship by descent and about how to move to Malta can be offered by our experts so contact us immediately.