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Golden Visa for Malta

Golden Visa for Malta

Citizenship by Investment is possible in Malta and it is considered the Golden Visa in Malta or the possibility of making investments and gaining a series of benefits. Malta Golden Visa requirements can be explained by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta who can help foreigners relocate to Malta.

Malta Golden Visa program

Malta Individual Investor Program or MIIP targets high net worth individuals who can easily make specific investments, in accordance with the rules imposed in this country. As such, a minimum investment of EUR 650.000 made by a foreigner in Malta comes with citizenship after living in the country for at least one year. Even family members can join this important program, with the mention that a contribution of EUR 25,000/member is required. The golden passport in Malta is also granted for such huge investments in the country through MIIP. Legal assistance should be solicited from one of our Maltese immigration lawyers with experience in this field. Our specialists help international investors obtain Malta Golden Visa and relocate to Malta in a fast and reliable manner.

What are the eligibility criteria for Malta Golden Visa?

Malta Golden Visa requirements involve a series of eligibility criteria that must be entirely respected. Providing information about the source of investment funds is solicited by the Maltese authorities who closely work with the international authorities. We would like to highlight the fact that investments made by foreigners without a clear criminal record are not accepted. Moreover, a medical record showing no contagious diseases, and a health insurance policy are solicited by the immigration authorities in charge of verifications of the visa applications. The entire procedures for Malta Golden Visa Program can be overseen and managed by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta who have experience in this field. We are here to help you move to Malta.

Gaining citizenship in Malta through real estate properties

There is also another possibility to join Malta Golden Visa Program and that is to invest in the real estate sector. As such, purchasing a property worth around EUR 350,000 is the main requirement, if it is owned for at least 5 years. Foreigners can also rent properties in Malta, with annual rents of at least EUR 16,000 to join the Malta Golden Visa Program. More about Malta Golden Visa requirements can be discussed with our specialists in the field. Make sure you prepare your requests and send us an email or solicit a free case evaluation from us as we can help you immigrate to Malta.

Why choose Malta for investments and citizenship

Malta is a great destination for those interested in better living conditions and access to a wide range of well-developed and appreciated services. The country offers a wide range of programs through which foreigners can gain permanent residency and citizenship, under specific conditions. Below you can find a few of the reasons why Malta is great for relocation and living standards:

  • Malta is attractive from an economic and political point of view, due to the stability offered in this direction.
  • Investors do analyze these aspects before business relocation or investments.
  • Being a strong financial center, Malta is quite representative in front of entrepreneurs from overseas.
  • Retiring to Malta is beneficial because of the great standards of living involving the healthcare and education systems.
  • In terms of expenses, freelancers in Malta enjoy varied benefits from this point of view.
  • Businessmen from abroad enjoy the advantages in the field. For instance, there are no complex procedures for company formation in Malta.
  • High net worth investors can join Malta Golden Visa, make investments and gain citizenship under certain conditions.
  • The gaming sector is highly developed in Malta and an attraction to foreign entrepreneurs who want to generate profits in this field.
  • The taxation regime of Malta is another great benefit considered by international entrepreneurs who want to cut the amount of taxes in the firm. Talk to us for more information about how to immigrate to Malta.

As for the business and economic direction in Malta, the following facts and figures can tell you more details in this sense:

  • Malta registered almost USD 206 billion in terms of total FDI.
  • The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Malta 88th out of 190 worldwide economies for the simplified business conditions.
  • Malta has one of the highest GDP ratios in the world, of approximately 1425%.
  • The financial and insurance sector absorbed nearly 97% of the total FDI stock registered in 2019.

Would you like to know more about Malta Golden Visa Program and Golden Passport in Malta? We suggest you address one of our Maltese immigration lawyers and contact them soon. We can help you move to Malta. If you need a digital nomad visa in Malta, contact us for legal assistance.