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Immigrate to Malta from South Africa

Immigrate to Malta from South Africa

Citizens from South Africa prefer Malta for investments and great standards of living, among so many advantages this country can offer. An appreciated medical system, alongside education and infrastructure, plus a wide range of business opportunities, here are a few of the reasons why South Africans choose Malta for immigration and relocation. If you are from South Africa and you want to immigrate to Malta, we suggest you talk to one of our Maltese immigration lawyers and find out information about the visa regulations. We are here to help you move to Malta in a fast manner.

Do I need a visa to enter Malta as a citizen from South Africa?

Yes, a Maltese Schengen visa is needed for South African citizens who want to enter and move to Malta. Here are the requirements for a short-stay visa for Malta, mentioning that it can be extended, on request:

  1.  A short-stay visa is valid for 3 months. After this, the extension application is required.
  2. The passport must have a validity of at least 10 years.
  3. The visa application form must comprise personal information.
  4. A letter of employment is solicited by the Maltese authorities for South Africans who accepted jobs in Malta.
  5. Information about the bank statements for the past 6 months is required.
  6. Self-employed citizens from South Africa will have to offer a copy of the business license.
  7. No Object certificate from a university or college in Malta is needed for students moving to this country.

These are a few of the necessary documents for a Maltese visa. One should note that a Maltese visa is the same thing as a Schengen visa and it comes with a series of advantages, among which, is the possibility of visiting other Schengen countries (28 in total) without restrictions or border controls. Our immigration lawyers in Malta can take care of all the visa formalities for South African citizens, so please, let us handle all the details and give complete legal advice. We can also help you obtain residency in Malta or even Malta citizenship.

Is residency by investment in Malta available to South Africans?

Yes, citizens from South Africa can join the Malta Residency by Investment Program for a minimum investment of EUR 250,000 in Maltese shares and a contribution of EUR 30,000 to the government. The family members can also join the program. South Africans can purchase shares or property worth at least EUR 320,000 to enter the Malta Residency by Investment program. There is also the possibility of renting a property in Malta and paying the lease for an entire year. It is important to have legal support from an experienced lawyer in Malta immigration and be prepared in terms of documents and eligibility criteria. You can talk to us and find out all the needed details regarding this program.

A residence permit in Malta can be obtained in about 3 months if all the formalities involved are respected. We mention that one of our lawyers in Malta can offer you specialized help because they have experience in immigration issues. Health insurance, a valid passport, and proof of personal funds are among the documents that must be prepared in this regard. We also mention that after obtaining this document you need to register with the local authorities. But all legal aspects can be explained to you by our specialists.

Short steps for moving to Malta from South Africa

Those who want to move to Malta from South Africa should know that this is not a complex process, but should pay attention to a few steps involved in relocation, mentioning that complete support can be provided by one of our Maltese immigration lawyers:

  •  first of all, it is recommended to verify the type of visa you need;
  •  look for accommodation in Malta within a couple of months prior to the arrival;
  • submit the required documents for a Maltese visa;
  • make sure you comply with the financial requirements for a Maltese visa and a residence permit in Malta;
  • you should solicit legal advice from a Maltese immigration attorney if interested in Malta’s investment programs.

Company relocation from South Africa to Malta

Entrepreneurs from South Africa can discover an appealing business climate with possibilities in sectors like tourism, manufacturing, FMCG, innovation, retail, e-commerce, and many more. Once detected in the chosen business field, company relocation is quite simple. First of all, one must de-register the company from the home country and then start the incorporation formalities in Malta. The Articles of Association, the main documents of the firm will have to be modified with the new information regarding the country in which the activities will develop, in this case, Malta. We can also handle the company relocation to Malta for entrepreneurs from South Africa. The following facts and figures highlight the business direction of Malta:

  • around USD 206 billion represented Malta’s total FDI stock for 2018, approximately 1,425% of the country’s GDP;
  • more than 31,000 foreign companies are established in Malta;
  • the skilled workforce and appealing tax regime are solid advantages of Malta in front of South African investors;
  • Malta ranks 88th out of 190 economies in the world, as stated by the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank.

If you would like to move to Malta, our suggestion is to choose the legal services offered by our lawyers. They specialize in immigration issues and can explain the formalities involved in this process. We will make sure that our clients benefit from a process free of errors and complexities, so that the relocation is done quickly, obtaining the necessary visa and residence permit.

Are you interested in citizenship in Malta? You can opt for the services offered by our lawyers. You will thus understand all the legal aspects, formalities, and procedures involved. We want our clients to benefit from all the support to achieve their desired goals, in this case, citizenship. You can rely on communication, efficiency, and professionalism when you collaborate with our law firm.

Citizens from South Africa who want to immigrate to Malta can get in touch with our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. Support for Malta citizenship applications can be offered.