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Family Visa for Malta

Family Visa for Malta

If you want to immigrate to Malta and need support for obtaining a family visa for Malta, we recommend the services of our specialists. We have experience in the field and can take care of the formalities involved. In the following lines, you can discover information about this type of visa, specifying that our immigration lawyers in Malta can offer you the necessary support in this endeavor.

Maltese spouse visa requirements

A family visa for Malta can be obtained with the help of our specialists, and non-EU/EEA citizens, as well as Swiss nationals, must take into account the formalities and procedures. Here are some of them:

  • The minimum age for applying for a family visa for Malta is 21 years.
  • The condition is that the applicant is married to a Maltese citizen.
  • Maltese spouse visa requirements also refer to minor children who can apply for this type of visa, if they have a parent who lives in Malta.
  • Maltese dependent visa also requires applying with the Identity Malta Agency, after which a confirmation letter in this sense will be received.
  • Form C/22 is a document that must be completed when applying for a family reunification visa in Malta. You can discuss more in this regard with our immigration lawyer in Malta.

If you are thinking of moving to Malta and applying for a certain type of visa, you can get in touch with our specialists. We know the formalities for a family reunification visa in Malta and can offer help in this endeavor.

Other documents requested for Maltese dependent visa

If you want to obtain a family visa in Malta, you must consider other document requirements:

  • The sponsor’s residence permit is required.
  • You need to prove your relationship with the sponsor. In the case of a Maltese student visa with a spouse, the sponsor can be the respective spouse.
  • Maltese spouse visa requirements include the presentation of a legal passport, as well as health insurance valid on the Schengen territory.

It is important to specify that, when applying for a Maltese dependent visa or a Maltese student visa with a spouse, you must have the documents translated into Maltese or English language. We recommend the legal help offered by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. We are here to advise you if you want to immigrate to Malta.

What should you do after obtaining a family visa in Malta?

If you have met all the Maltese spouse visa requirements and obtained the necessary documents, the next natural step is to apply for a residence permit in Malta. Form G must be completed here for a family reunification residence permit in Malta for citizens from non-EU countries and Switzerland. Here are other details about the Maltese residence visa for family reunification:

  • The cost for issuing this type of permit is approximately EUR 27.
  • Malta family visa processing time takes around 9 months.
  • A family visa for Malta has a validity of one year.

It is good to know that a family visa for Malta allows you to access the labor market without restrictions.

Here are some details about immigration to Malta:

  • According to Macrotrends.net, around 1.800 per 1000 population was the net migration rate, recorded for 2023.
  • In 2022, approximately 1.851 per 1000 population was the net migration rate for Malta.
  • The data for 2021 showed a net migration rate in Malta of approximately 1.903 per 1000 population.

If you want to move to Malta and apply for a specific visa, we advise you to contact us. We can offer you legal support for a Maltese student visa with a spouse or any other option. We can also guide you to obtain citizenship in Malta.