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Obtain Student Visa for Malta

Obtain Student Visa for Malta

The student visa for Malta is quite easy to obtain, with complete assistance and support provided by our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. Such a visa is available for 90 days, but depending on the courses, it can be prolonged. Our specialists can help non-EU/EEA foreigners properly apply for a student visa by handling the entire application process, so you can address your inquiries at any time.

What are the requirements for a student visa for Malta?

The conditions for obtaining a student visa for Malta are not complicated, and are highlighted below:

  1.  The valid passport must have at least two blank pages.
  2.  The application visa form must comprise personal information and other details requested by the authorities.
  3. The university that accepted foreign students will issue an acceptance letter, as part of the visa application for students.
  4.  The plane ticket reservations are required when applying for a student visa for Malta – The authorities must be sure that foreigners will return to the home country after graduation.
  5.  A medical insurance must cover the entire stay in Malta.

Besides these important requirements for obtaining a Maltese visa, one must prove they have sufficient funds for living in Malta. At least EUR 48/day is required for each student in Malta. Such information can be provided in the form of bank statements, for example. All the conditions for student visas for Malta can be explained by our Maltese immigration lawyers, so you can get in touch with us at any time. Our specialists can help foreigners obtain a residence permit in Malta.

Do I need to go to the Maltese Consulate to apply for this visa?

Yes, the Maltese Consulate requires your presence at the time the visa application is made. You can benefit from complete legal support from our immigration lawyers in Malta so that the entire visa application process and even Malta citizenship can properly conclude in your best interest.

How long does it take to obtain a student visa for Malta?

Such a visa application should start within 4 to 6 weeks prior to the start of the university courses in Malta. This is not a complex process, however, it is required to pay attention to all the requirements and to start the procedures in time, as such a visa might be granted by the Maltese Consulate in about 8 weeks. No matter the travel plans you have for Malta, legal support and guidance are required, so you should talk to one of our specialists for immediate assistance.

A residence permit in Malta can be obtained with our complete support.

Visas for students from Nigeria

Nigerian students interested in joining prestigious universities in Malta will have to pay attention to the visa requirements involved. The Malta student visa for Nigerians can be granted if all the documents are accepted: a valid international passport, the acceptance letter, the visa application form, proof of plane ticket reservation (including the return), the medical insurance and proof of personal finances to sustain the living in Malta.

In the case of sponsors who pay the courses of Nigerian students in Malta, a signed letter comprising such information is required as part of a student visa application. Normally, it takes around 2 weeks until Nigerian students receive the decision regarding the visa application, whether it has been accepted or not. Feel free to talk to our team of advisors if you come from Nigeria and need a student visa for Malta.

Can I work in Malta if I’m a student in this country?

Yes, you have the possibility of working in this country, as there are no restrictions related. One should obtain a work permit and get in touch with our Maltese immigration lawyers for support and guidance.

Why study in Malta?

Malta is a small insular state that offers a great standard of living, excellent working and business conditions, a good tax regime, and other advantages that attract foreigners in a large number on a yearly basis. The country provides a great education system that is highly appreciated on an international scale. Besides that, foreigners choose Malta for hospitality, warm weather, security, and affordable costs for university courses of any kind. The country presents a stable economy and also a low crime rate among European countries, other strong reasons to believe that Malta can be a great destination for students. It is a known fact that Malta is an English-speaking country, so foreign students will rapidly accommodate in Maltese communities and colleges. Here are some facts and figures that might raise your interest in Malta:

  •  about 21% of Malta’s population is formed of foreigners living in this country;
  •  the University of Malta was established 400 years ago and it is the oldest in Europe;
  •  around 30% of the students In Malta attend private colleges in the country;
  •  around 60% of the students in Malta continue education after the mandatory studies and courses.

Foreigners who want to obtain a student visa for Malta are invited to contact our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. We ca assist the Malta citizenship process.