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How to Obtain Malta Visa

How to Obtain Malta Visa

Non-EU/EEA citizens interested in visiting Malta need to know a few aspects of the necessary visas and the available types. An immigration lawyer in Malta can provide assistance and guidance for foreign citizens who want to obtain a visa or a residence permit in Malta. This article comprises information about the available visas, with the mention that our advisors are at your service with complete legal assistance if you want to immigrate to Malta.

What is a Maltese Schengen visa?

The Maltese Schengen visa is available since 2007 when Malta joined the European Union. This type of visa allows foreigners to freely travel among the Schengen countries, and therefore, without interdictions. You can talk to our team of immigration lawyers in Malta and find out more about this type of visa and about the requirements that need to be respected. We can offer support if you want to immigrate to Malta.

What are the conditions for obtaining a visa for Malta?

With the help of our immigration attorneys in Malta, foreign citizens can prepare the documents for visa applications and move to Malta. The following matters and requirements are the most important:

  1. A visa application form is available as part of the entire process.
  2. A valid passport is needed at the time of the visa application.
  3. Two photos in a passport format are required.
  4. A travel medical insurance covering up to at least EUR 30,000 is required.
  5. The return ticket reservation is also solicited at the time the visa application is made.
  6. Proof of accommodation in Malta is required, alongside proof of civil status.
  7. The purpose of the visit to Malta needs to be comprised of a visa cover letter.
  8. Finally, one should provide financial information and prove she/she can support the living in Malta.

Here are a few of the conditions involved in the visa application process in Malta, a matter where our Maltese immigration attorneys can provide legal advice. Here is a video presentation with more details:

Visas for foreign workers in Malta

In the case of workers who accepted a job in Malta, besides the above-mentioned conditions for obtaining a visa, there are other documents that need to be provided to the authorities. The income tax return, a few bank statements of recent date, and a copy of the employment contract are solicited in this case. As for sole traders in Malta, they will have to provide information about the business license, as an additional request. No matter the reasons for your relocation to Malta, whether as an employee or sole trader, you should ask for legal advice from our immigration lawyers in Malta. They can help you obtain a residence permit in Malta or provide support if you want to move to Malta.

Student visas for Malta

Foreign citizens who want to join the courses of colleges in Malta must apply for a student visa. In this case, an approval letter issued by the university that accepted you must be provided at the time the visa application is made. This is another case that can be properly handled by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. Plus, you can get in touch with us if you want to relocate to Malta.

Conditions for obtaining a business visa for Malta

Business representatives of companies from abroad will have to obtain a specific visa to enter Malta. This is the Malta visa for business purposes that can be obtained if all the documents are accepted, and among these, an invitation letter, declarations showing previous collaboration between the companies, a certificate issued by the employer showing the purposes of the business travel, and also copies of the company’s main documents. In the case of official delegations, the visa application must contain information about the place of accommodation in Malta, the duration of stay, and the official invitation letter. One of our immigration lawyers in Malta can offer legal advice for companies and employers from abroad in such cases. Malta citizenship applications can be handled by our specialists.

Maltese visas for minors

In the case of minors who must travel to Malta for varied reasons, the visa application needs to comprise proof of the parent’s incomes, plus the travel consent in a notarized form. The application for a Malta visa for underage children is not complex, but legal advice is recommended. Talk to our team of immigration lawyers in Malta for assistance. Below you can find information, facts, and figures about the immigration aspects of Malta:

  •  Around 27,785 Schengen visas have been issued in Malta in 2018.
  •  Most of the foreigners living in Malta come from EU countries, in an approximate percent of 60.
  •  About 98.000 foreign citizens live in Malta, according to statistics of 2019.
  •  Most of the foreigners living in Malta come from UK.

Do I need a visa for Malta if I’m from USA?

No, there is no need for a visa for Malta if you want to move from USA. However, staying in Malta without a visa is available for 90 days, US citizens being obliged to apply for one, depending on the purposes. Our Maltese immigration lawyers can offer immediate and complete legal advice to foreigners interested in a visa for Malta. Company relocation is also possible and it is subject to a straightforward process, without any complications.

What is a Malta investor visa?

The investment visa program for Malta or Malta Residency and Visa Program (MRVP) addresses foreigners of at least 18 years of age and with a clear criminal record. Purchasing government bonds of EUR 250,000 or a property worth at lets EUR 350,000 is part of the conditions to enter this important visa program in Malta. European health insurance is also required before applying to this visa program. All the formalities for a Malta investor visa can be explained by one of our immigration lawyers who can provide immediate legal advice if you want to relocate to Malta.

Entry bans for Malta

The Maltese authorities lifted entry bans for citizens from China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the UAE, and Rwanda, since July 2020. Travels for humanitarian purposes is permitted in Malta for citizens from third world countries. If you need a visa for Malta, please feel free to get in touch with our team of immigration lawyers in Malta.

Maltese visa for medical purposes

Foreigners who want to travel to Malta for medical purposes will have to prepare a medical report, a document that confirms the appointment in Malta (signed by the Maltese doctor), plus proof of paid medical fees. These are extra documents that must be prepared alongside the ones part of the Maltese visa application. All you need to know about a visa for medical purposes can be solicited from our specialists in immigration in Malta.

Visa for members of official delegations

If you are a member of an official delegation who needs to visit Malta you should prepare the necessary documents for visa application. The purpose of the journey in Malta needs to be stated by a document or an official letter issued by the organization that sends you. Plus, the duration of stay in Malta is also solicited when a visa application is made. If you already found a place to stay in Malta, proof of accommodation is required. Please discuss all the details with one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. You can ask for complete legal support from our advisors.

Visa for underage children in Malta

The parental travel consent or the notarized travel permission signed by the parent is an important document part of the visa for underage children application. It is important to note that both parents must sign the travel authorization for a minor child. Plus, the underaged child must be accompanied by the parent or tutor when visiting Malta. The visa application process that implies minors might get complex if the rules and regulations imposed are not entirely respected. Please discuss all the legal aspects with our specialists, in order to benefit from a correct and smooth visa process.

Canadians in Malta – what you need to know

Canadian passport holders do not need a visa to enter Malta if they intend to stay in the insular state for a short period of time. However, things change for foreign residents in Malta because they might need a Schengen visa, depending on their nationality. This is a special case that requires full attention and the support of a dedicated team of immigration lawyers in Malta. The visa applications enter the attention of our specialists, no matter if you want to visit Malta, relocate, move your business, or have a different purpose.

Choosing our immigration lawyers in Malta

Interested in complete legal services and support for visa matters? You might want to work with our dedicated and experienced team of immigration lawyers in Malta. Foreigners can rely on professionalism, proficiency, competence, and transparency when soliciting our legal services. A visa application process can be entirely supervised by our legal representatives with experience in immigration to Malta. This way, clients can be sure that the visa application process is correct and entirely understood, without worrying that it might be rejected. Instead of dealing on your own with a visa application for Malta, you can send your inquiries to our team of immigration lawyers and let us handle all the formalities.

Persons interested in obtaining a visa for Malta are invited to talk to one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. Please feel free to contact us and find out more about the conditions involved in Maltese visas.