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Immigrate to Malta from Ukraine

Immigrate to Malta from Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens who want to relocate to Malta benefit from visa-free entry to this country. In addition, you can live in Malta for 90 days without specific requirements. However, there are certain formalities to consider for Ukrainians, which we will explain in this article. We also remind you that our lawyers in Malta offer complete legal services in order to help the citizens of Ukraine to immigrate to Malta, without complications. You can contact us if you want to relocate to Malta from Ukraine.

Registration with Malta ETIAS

Even if you do not need a visa to enter Malta from Ukraine, it is mandatory to register with ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) visa waiver program. Here are the steps you need to take to successfully register, not before mentioning we can help you move to Malta from Ukraine:

  • Filing an online application form is required.
  • You need a valid scanned passport, after which you must choose the processing option you desire.
  • If the data is accepted, the online fee is paid for this procedure.
  • ETIAS visa waiver is valid for 3 years.

These are some formalities to keep in mind if you want to immigrate to Malta from Ukraine. A visa is not required upon entry into Malta, but personal data is required. Our lawyers in Malta can offer you specialized legal advice in order to better understand the conditions imposed for entering Malta. Talk to us if you want to move to Malta from Ukraine. If you are interested in immigrating to Malta from other countries, such as USA or UK, we can offer you professional legal advice.

Citizenship in Malta is beneficial for those interested in a great taxation system, a multitude of business opportunities, or proper education and healthcare. Whatever the reason, we recommend that you contact our lawyers to find out what are the requirements involved. They can take care of the preparation of the documents necessary for the application and they can also guide you if you want to apply together with family members (wife, children, parents, and grandparents).

Obtaining a residence permit in Malta

The Maltese Permanent Residence Program is aimed at non-EU citizens and implicitly those who come from Ukraine. Applicants can participate in the program with their families, and the following formalities include:

  • Applicants for permanent residence in Malta must own a capital of at least EUR 500,000.
  • Of the above amount, at least EUR 150,000 must be financial assets.
  • Applicants must have a clean criminal record and no visa denial.
  • They also had to prove their source of income.
  • Proof of domicile in Malta is required.

Maltese permanent residency comes with several benefits, including the possibility for applicants’ children to go to prestigious colleges in Malta, access to the best medical services, and much more.

Are you going to apply for residency in Malta? You can find out the procedures and formalities involved from our lawyers in Malta who have experience in immigration matters. You have the opportunity to access the Malta Permanent Residence Program and invest a minimum of EUR 110,000 to receive residency in this country. As for the procedures, they can last approximately 3 months, after which the residence permit will be issued by the relevant authorities.

As for foreign workers in Malta, the residence permit is obtained through an employment contract and is known as the EU Blue Card. Therefore, the residence permit comes with the work permit which is renewed every year. Higher professional skills, health insurance, and documents certifying qualifications are among the formalities for the EU Blue Card. Remember that one of our Maltese lawyers can tell you more about how to obtain a residence and work permit in Malta. We are here to support you relocate to Malta from Ukraine. Those who want to retire to Malta can obtain legal support from our immigration lawyers.

Why immigrate to Malta

Malta is a small island state that offers high living standards, multiple business opportunities, and investment security. Compared to other European countries, Malta is among the most valued for its quality of life, low crime rate, and access to the most important financial markets in the world. Here are some interesting statistics about Malta:

  • The total FDI for Malta in 2020 has exceeded USD 240 billion.
  • The corporate tax rate in Malta is 35%.
  • The iGaming sector is the strongest in Malta, making consistent profits every year.
  • Around EUR 58.8 billion represented the stock position of direct investment overseas.

Moving to Malta can be a process fully supervised by our immigration experts. Our lawyers can explain the formalities for obtaining a visa if you are relocating from a non-EU/EEA country, and have a residence, and work permit. If you want to make investments for an easier relocation, you must prepare an amount of at least EUR 120,000. But everything you need to know in this endeavor you can find out from our specialists.

Would you like to immigrate to Malta from Ukraine and find out all the legal aspects? We invite you to contact our law firm in Malta and discover the personalized offers and services offered.