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The Malta Global Residency Program

The Malta Global Residency Program

The Global Residence Program in Malta offers special tax status to third-country nationals except for Swiss and EEA nationals. The individuals who want to apply for this program must satisfy certain criteria such as renting or buying a property in Malta and must pay minimum annual tax liability on their foreign income received in Malta.

Get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Malta, as this country is in the Schengen area, so our lawyers will guide you properly regarding the regulations to implement depending upon your nationality as the requirements for Malta immigration vary for EEA/Swiss and third-country citizens. We can help you relocate to Malta in a fast and reliable manner.

Special tax status in Malta for third-country nationals

Please bear in mind, Malta offers special tax status only to third-country nationals, but EEA or Swiss citizens do not qualify for this program. To maintain one’s special tax status, a beneficiary is required to retain qualifying property in Malta, Gozo, or South Malta. The applicant needs to adhere to all special reporting notifications and obligations. He/she must not stay in any other jurisdiction for more than 183 days and retain the necessary insurance. The application for special tax status must be made to the Government of Malta through a Maltese Authorized Registered Mandatory. That Registered Mandatory will handle and submit applications for residence permits under the various residence programs available under Maltese law.

If you are a third-country national and you need assistance to immigrate to Malta, you can get legal help from our consultants. They will help you if you have any questions regarding special tax status and about how to move to Malta.

Application fees

Malta Global Residence Program does not have any application fee for an EEA and Swiss national or their family members. But if the applicant lost the possession of residence document or had it defaced, then he/she will have to pay a fee as follows:

  • EUR20 for a lost, destroyed or stolen document;
  • EUR15 for a defaced document;
  • long-term residents need to pay the fee for a 5-year permit, about EUR125 upon application;
  • non-EU nationals have to pay a fee of EUR25. This fee will entitle the applicant to a document covering one year;
  • you are exempted from the application fee if you are married to a Maltese national / enjoy Exempt Person Status;
  • you are also exempted from the application fee if you have just been released from detention and enjoy International Protection.

You can obtain Malta visa by relying on the legal services of our immigration lawyers in Malta. They will also guide you regarding Malta Global Residence Program and provide information about how to move to Malta.

Eligibility criteria for Malta Global Residence Program

If you want to get qualified for Malta Global Residence Program, you must:

  • not be a Maltese, Swiss or an EEA national;
  • have valid travel documents;
  • be a fit and healthy person;
  • be able to communicate in either one of Malta’s official languages (Maltese or English);
  • not benefit under any other Malta Special Tax Status;
  • have sickness insurance in respect of all risks across the whole EU;
  • have records of regular and stable resources, which are sufficient to meet applicants and his/her dependent’s finances;
  • possess qualifying property, which means a property situated either in Gozo or the South of Malta for a value of EUR220,000 or in Malta for a value of EUR275,000.

If you have any ambiguities left related to Malta Global Residence Program, you can trust the services of our consultants. Their experience in this field will help you to relocate to Malta in a swift way.

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Registration fee

The applicant must pay a non-refundable one-off registration fee of EUR 6,000 upon applying. However, if the qualifying property is situated in the South of Malta, the fee would be reduced to EUR5,500.

If you want citizenship in Malta, you can make investments of at least EUR 600,000 or buy a property with a value of not less than EUR 350,000. As for the formalities and requirements imposed, you have at hand the help and legal advice offered by our local immigration lawyers in Malta. I mentioned that the authorities require a clear criminal record and health insurance that should cover the entire Schengen Area. Discuss more with our lawyers if you are interested in this status.

Tax in Malta

The government of Malta launched its Malta Global Residence Program in 2013. The participants of this program need to pay a minimum annual tax of EUR15,000. Those individuals who qualify for Malta Global Residence Program can optimize their tax burden by paying a 15% income tax on their revenues generated outside the territory of Malta.

Foreigners who want to move to Malta can access our legal services, at advantageous prices. Our immigration lawyers can provide the necessary legal support for obtaining the necessary visa, residence, and work permit, but also for registration with the local authorities. First of all, you must make sure that you already have a new home in Malta to be able to take care of the rest of the formalities. Contact our team to be able to benefit from our information and even a free case evaluation.

We recommend that you contact our team of lawyers if you want to apply for a residence permit in Malta. Before starting this process, you need to register with the local authorities. Next comes the preparation of documents, namely health insurance, proof of domicile, and personal funds. You also have the option of making investments and obtaining residency, and the minimum required is EUR 110,000. All legal aspects of this endeavor can be explained in detail by our specialists.

Contact our immigration lawyers if you are interested in the Global Residence Program offered by Malta. Besides special tax status, you will also get an opportunity to explore the Schengen area. talk to us if you want to immigrate to Malta.