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How to Obtain a Maltese Permanent Residence

How to Obtain a Maltese Permanent Residence

The residence permit in Malta can be obtained in 2024 by foreign citizens who make specific investments in the country, with respect to the Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRPV). If you are interested in obtaining permanent residence in Malta and immigrating to Malta, you can give us a call and talk to our immigration lawyers in Malta who can guide you throughout the entire process. You can also benefit from support for obtaining a visa for Malta or for relocation to Malta.

 Quick Facts  
Temporary residence permit types

– ordinary residence permit,

– long-term residence permit

Time needed to obtain the temporary residence permit (approx.)

Around 3 months

Temporary residence permit validity

6 months during the first 2 years

Documents for obtaining temporary residence

– valid passport,

– proof of domicile,

– health insurance,

– proof of personal funds

Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register)

With the local authorities

Dependents can join the temporary permit holder (Yes/No)


Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes

It needs capital assets of at least EUR 500,000

Type of investments available for residency purposes

Malta Permanent Residence Programme

Minimum investment amount EUR 110,0000
Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence At least 5 years of living in Malta
Residency for individuals married to a citizen of Malta

Through spouse residency application

Documents for obtaining permanent residence

 – proof of sufficient funds,

– proof of domicile,

– health insurance,

– clear criminal record

Naturalization requirements

– investments of EUR 750,000 for a minimum of 12 months,

– donations of at least EUR 10,000,

– legal residence for at least 36 months

Citizenship after permanent residence

After living at least 6 years in Malta

Dual citizenship permitted (Yes/No)


How do I obtain a residence permit in Malta?

The Immigration Act, part of the Civil Code, and particularly the L.N 288-2015 mentions all the conditions for obtaining a residence permit as a high net worth individual in Malta. The residence permit is valid for 5 years, having the possibility of renewing it before the expiry date. There are three simple ways through which a non-EU/EEA citizen can obtain a Maltese residence permit, such as:

  •  Making investments in the real estate sector by purchasing a property worth around EUR 250,000.
  •  Renting a property for at least one year and a fee of approximately EUR 16,000/year.
  •  Investing around EUR 250,000 in government bonds in Malta.

These are the main conditions for non-EU/EEA citizens who want to relocate to Malta and obtain permanent residence. As for citizens from EU and EEA countries, the rules have been simplified. If you would like to know more about the rules for obtaining permanent residence in Malta, we recommend you ask for legal advice from our Maltese immigration lawyers. Here is a video presentation on this topic:

Residence permits for EU and EEA citizens in 2024

EU and EEA citizens wanting to work and live in Malta will have to apply for the Ordinary Residence permit within 4 weeks prior to their arrival. Renting or purchasing a property in Malta in time will represent quite an advantage when the residence permit application is commenced. Here are some conditions for obtaining long-term residence in Malta:

  1.  EU citizens must pay a fee of approximately EUR 125 for a permanent residence permit in Malta.
  2. Foreigners will have to take courses on Malta’s history. Also, they need to prove their English language skills.
  3. The permanent residence application must be made with the authorities in charge of the registration of citizens in Malta.
  4. Specific documents need to be translated into English before submission.

Hiring us to take care of all the aspects related to the permanent residence permit in Malta in 2024 is for sure a good choice and that because you won’t have to deal with the institutions involved. Our team of lawyers in Malta has experience in immigration services and related aspects, so you can direct your inquiries at any time.

Foreigners who become permanent residents in Malta must pay a 15% tax on the received income in the country. Because Malta signed a wide range of double taxation treaties with countries worldwide, foreigners enjoying permanent residency in Malta will not have to pay taxes in the country of origin.  

We remind that living in Malta for at least 5 years allows expats to apply for permanent residence status in this country. Once issued, foreigners can work and live in Malta without other conditions and can also consider the formalities for obtaining Maltese citizenship at a certain point.

Other Malta permanent residence requirements

Obtaining permanent residence in Malta is not a complex process if all the conditions are respected. Our Maltese immigration lawyers can give in-depth information and guidance on this topic, mentioning that the following requirements need to be respected at the time an application for permanent residence in Malta is made:

  • A candidate must not live outside Malta for more than 6 months during one year. However, business travels, work-related aspects, and medical treatments that prolong for more than 6 months can be accepted if documents are presented.
  • The main requirement for obtaining permanent residence in Malta is to live in the country for at least 5 years.
    Showing details about the incomes generated in Malta is mandatory.
  • Health insurance is required for candidates and family members.
  • The Maltese Housing Authority will make verifications for the accommodation in Malta permanent residence applicants.
  • Proof of community integration in Malta is required for permanent residence applications.
  • Information about English knowledge and courses about the history of Malta are also solicited.

In the case of EU/EEA or Swiss citizens, there is no application fee for residence permit applications in Malta. However, for a stolen or lost residence permit in Malta you will need to pay a specific fee, of around EUR 20.

The formalities for Malta permanent residence applications can be overseen by one of our specialists as soon as you get in touch with us. We have experience in the immigration field and we can guide foreigners throughout the entire procedure. Temporary residence permits for expats accepting jobs in Malta are issued if a valid passport, travel health insurance, and proof of accommodation in Malta are presented. The standard application form is provided by the immigration office. You can also discover the following infographic:

Advantages of permanent residence in Malta

A tourist visa can easily transform into a temporary or permanent residence status, depending on the activities you want to develop in Malta. This means that a simple tourist visa for Malta will no longer be available if you relocate to Malta, the next step involves an application for a permanent residence permit in Malta. Also, there is no need to worry about the condition of staying in Malta for at least 6 months per year, in order to avoid losing the residence permit. It is good to know that having a permanent residence permit for Malta will ease the path for applying for Malta citizenship. All the aspects of applying for and obtaining permanent residence in Malta can be explained by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta.

If you want citizenship in Malta, we recommend that you discuss all legal aspects with one of our local immigration lawyers. With the help of our team, you will have a simple and fast process of obtaining citizenship. We mention that the procedures involved and the final decision can extend over 7 months. We also remind you that Malta allows dual citizenship, so there is no need to give up the one of origin. Contact us for all legal aspects.

In the case of family reunification and residence permits, the marriage certificate must be provided at the time of application. A rental agreement and a joint bank account are also important documents that must be presented by persons living together and interested in a residence permit for family reunification in Malta.

An ordinary residence permit is available for people coming to Malta from the EU countries. The tax paid on income is calculated based on a tax scheme, ranging from 0% to 35%, depending on income, and marital status, minus a tax credit.   

A residence permit in Malta can be obtained in approximately 3 months from the date of application if all procedures are followed. This document is necessary for those who want to relocate to this country for a longer period of time. With the help of our lawyers with experience in immigration matters, you will be able to guarantee that all the necessary documents are properly prepared and that the process will be simple and fast. Discuss all legal aspects with our specialists.

Moving to Malta can be a relatively simple, quick process and without legal problems if you get in touch with our lawyers. We mention that you must prepare health insurance, a valid passport, and a visa application form, and present information about the new residence when you are interested in the formalities for obtaining an entry permit. Foreign citizens who relocate for work must present the employment contract in this sense.

FAQ about Malta permanent residence

1. What is MRVP and how can I apply?
MRVP stands for Malta Residence and Visa Programme which addresses foreign citizens who want to gain permanent residence in this country. Complete guidance and detailed information about this important programme implemented by the Maltese authorities can be offered on request by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta.

2. Who can apply for a permanent residence permit in Malta?
Both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA citizens can apply for a permanent residence permit in Malta, with the mention that specific requirements apply for the latter ones. Legal guidance and information are offered from the start.

3. When is a permanent residence permit obtained in Malta?
Malta permanent residence can be obtained after living at least 5 years in Malta, according to the Maltese Immigration Act. If you want to immigrate to Malta you can contact us.

4. Are there any specific investments to be made by non-EU/EEA nationals in Malta?
Obtaining Malta’s permanent residence implies investments of around EUR 250,000 in Maltese properties. Renting a house in Malta is also a solution, for a sum of at least EUR 16,000/year.

5. Is health insurance necessary for the Malta permanent residence application?
Yes, health insurance covering expenses of a minimum of EUR 30,000/year is required. This is an important part of the residence application in Malta, mentioning that specific fees are imposed on family members.

6. Can an applicant rent a property first and then buy one in Malta to enter the MRVP?
Yes, this is another option tailored to the specific needs of foreigners who want to relocate to Malta. Please talk to our Maltese immigration lawyers and see how you can be helped.

7. Does the MRVP applicant need to provide details about the source of funds?
Of course! Besides offering complete information about the source of investments to join MRVP, the Maltese authorities have the right to make specific verifications and even ask for a criminal record. You can be helped in this direction by our immigration specialists in Malta. They can help you move to Malta.

8. What happens if a foreign citizen lives outside Malta for more than 6 months in a year although he/she wants to apply for permanent residence in this country?
The authorities clearly specify that joining MRVP is subject to important conditions related to the minimum period of leaving Malta. One must not stay outside the country for more than 6 months per year. However, the authorities can accept special cases if this period is exceeded.

9. Can family members join Malta’s permanent residence programme?
Yes, the candidate can also apply on behalf of family members, considering that specific fees are imposed. Your permanent residence in Malta can be entirely overseen by one of our Maltese immigration lawyers with experience in this field. The same specialists can provide support if you want to move to Malta.

10. Can I freely travel within the Schengen countries?
Yes, this is an important benefit offered to citizens who obtain Malta permanent residence. Malta is part of the Schengen Area and among the few countries that offer a powerful passport with varied advantages.

Malta Residence Program

Malta Residence Program or RPR is designated to high net worth individuals and family members. This kind of Malta residency visa applies to the EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens interested in relocating to Malta. Moreover, there is a special tax status for applicants of this residence program, and this involves a 15% tax rate imposed on incomes generated outside of Malta but received in the country. In terms of eligibility, foreign citizens need to rent or acquire a house in Malta, have medical insurance for all family members, have a stable and regular income, present a certificate of good health, and have a valid passport. All these formalities can be entirely handled by our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. Those interested in a Malta residency visa can talk to our specialists and ask for support. We can help them relocate to Malta.

Citizenship in Malta can be obtained easily if you comply with the formalities imposed by law. Maltese Citizenship by Investment is among the most successful programs for obtaining this status, and here an investment of at least EUR 600,000 is required, as well as a financial contribution of EUR 25,000 for each participating family member. Property rentals are also accepted in Malta, but all legal aspects can be explained to you by one of our local immigration lawyers.

Malta Global Residence Program

Malta Global Residence Program comes with a series of benefits. For instance, a flat rate of 15% tax rate applicable to incomes is imposed. Among the requirements to enter this program we mention renting or buying a property, and paying an administration fee of approximately EUR 6,000. Malta Global Residence Program (GRP) addresses 3rd country nationals, EEA citizens, and Swiss nationals who have a stable income, medical insurance, speak fluently the English language and hold property in Malta (rentals are accepted too). You can ask our immigration lawyers in Malta for more details about GRP. Malta residency visa formalities in 2024 can be solicited from our team of advisors.

What is the Malta Residence and Visa Program?

Malta Residence and Visa Program or MRVP enters the attention of third-country nationals who want to immigrate to Malta with their families. This is an investment program through which foreigners can obtain residency in Malta. An annual income of more than EUR 100,000 is part of the eligibility criteria to enter the program. A stable income to sustain living in Malta, including for family members is needed. Plus, the authorities will verify the criminal record and the reputation of the citizen interested in MRVP. If you need to know more about this matter, please discuss it with our Maltese immigration lawyers.

We can also assist with the procedure of obtaining Malta citizenship by investment and the residence permit in Malta.

Permanent residence in Malta

This residency program does not restrict any nationality and is open to everyone around the globe, no matter what his/her nationality is. The permanent residency permits need a renewal every year. The individuals who go for Malta immigration under this type of residency have to pay a 15% tax on their income and this may apply to pensioners or digital nomads.

You can get help from our consultants; they will thoroughly guide you if you find this residency program appropriate for you. They will help you in all possible manners to get permanent residence in Malta.

Ordinary residence in Malta

This residency program is not available for non-EU nationals, only the citizens of the European Union can benefit from ordinary residency. This needs to be renewed after every five years. If you immigrate to Malta under ordinary residency, you will pay taxes depending on your marital status, income, or any tax credits.

Why relocate to Malta?

Malta is a small insular state found in the Southern part of Europe, with approximately 450,000 citizens and home to numerous foreign companies and different investors. A stable economy, a good quality of life, an appealing business climate, and well-developed education, and medical systems are also great advantages for people looking for good standards of living. The tourism sector, agriculture, manufacturing sector, plus trading field sustain the Maltese economy in a large percentage, allowing foreign investors to develop their operations in this country and enjoy profits. Here are some facts and figures about the economy and business direction of Malta:

  • around USD 231 billion represented the total FDI stock for Malta in 2021;
  • 97% of the total FDI registered in Malta in 2018 was directed to the financial and services sector;
  • the 2020 Doing Business report ranked Malta 88th out of 190 economies in the world;
  • there are more than 31,000 companies with foreign shareholders in Malta.

You can trust the legal services of our immigration lawyers in Malta. They will legally assist you to get ordinary residence in Malta and help you relocate to Malta.

Citizenship in Malta can be obtained with the help of investments in this country or through marriage. Those interested can invest at least EUR 750,000 in order to obtain citizenship in a maximum of one year. Donations are also accepted, as is the application for family members of the main candidate. But all the legal aspects can be explained in detail by our immigration lawyers in Malta, with experience in this matter.

If you are interested in obtaining permanent residence in Malta or if you would like to relocate to Malta, feel free to contact our experts. Legal advice and support can be offered by our immigration lawyers in Malta. We are at your disposal if you are interested in Malta citizenship by investment.