Malta Residency by Investment

Foreigners wanting to move to Malta can apply for Malta Residency Program which is also available for the entire family. Besides obtaining permanent residence, they can also freely travel throughout the Schengen Area, as Malta is part of this zone. Our immigration lawyers in Malta can offer legal advice and solutions to foreigners interested in obtaining the Maltese residency by investment, explaining all the conditions imposed.

Details about Malta Residency by Investment Program

Obtaining residency in Malta requires a minimum investment of EUR 250,000 in Maltese shares for a minimum of 5 years, plus EUR 30,000 non-refundable contribution to the government. There is also the possibility of renting a property or residence in the insular state for at least one year. Here are other conditions for obtaining residency in Malta, explained by one of our immigration attorneys in Malta:

  •  Purchasing a property worth at least EUR 320,000; or
  •  Renting a property for at least one year and EUR 16.000 for the entire lease.

There are several options through which you can receive residency in Malta, and foreigners should apply for the Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP). This program comes with a series of advantages that can be explained to you by one of our Maltese immigration lawyers.

Do I need a health insurance policy for living in Malta?

Yes, foreign citizens who join the Malta Residence and Visa Program will have to prove they have a private health insurance policy with a coverage of at least EUR 30,000 that also will apply to the family members. Our immigration lawyers in Malta will ensure that your visa and residence application is made correctly, by providing complete legal support and advice. A residence permit in Malta can be obtained with complete support offered by our team.

What are the benefits of MRVP?

The Malta Residence and Visa Program comes with a series of benefits that address foreign citizens interested in relocating to this country. For instance, the EU residence card issued at the same time with the visa offers the possibility of traveling without restrictions throughout the Schengen Area. This means that are no border controls, a great advantage offered by the MRVP. The following advantages are also significant:

  1.  The initial investments are made only for the first 5 years.
  2.  The family members are directly included in the program.
  3.  The right to reside in Malta is grated for an indefinite time.
  4.  A residence permit in Malta is issued relatively fast by the authorities who will, first of all, verify all the documents.

What is the validity of the residence permit in Malta?

The residence permit in Malta has a validity of 5 years, having the possibility of renewing it after this period for another 5 years. Let one of our advisors tell you more about this aspect.

Can I relocate my company to Malta?

Yes, company relocation is possible for foreign entrepreneurs interested in making profits in Malta. Once the de-registration of the company in the home country is made, the incorporation in Malta will be made in accordance with the Maltese Company Act and other important regulations. Numerous foreign entrepreneurs choose Malta for the great business possibilities and advantages, among which, a great tax system, excellent infrastructure than enhances the business collaboration worldwide, a skilled workforce, and many more. Here are some facts and numbers about the business direction in Malta, provided by Malta Chamber of Commerce:

  •  more than 25 foreign companies are registered every day in Malta;
  •  there are more than 31,000 companies with foreign stockholders in Malta;
  •  there are more than 83,000 registered companies in Malta;
  •  more than 800 companies are owned by Dutch citizens in Malta.

How can we help with the Malta residency investment program?

Legal advice and assistance are accorded from the beginning to those wanting to relocate to Malta, whether for a short or long time. Our Maltese immigration attorneys will initiate a discussion with the clients interested in obtaining residency in Malta, will evaluate your requests, propose the proper options, and then will prepare the necessary documents for this application before submission to the entitled authorities. The entire process can be overseen by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta, mentioning that legal advice is offered at the time the approvals are made by the authorities, followed by the investment process and property acquisition where specific contracts must be verified.

If you would like to know more about the Malta Residency by Investment program, and about Malta citizenship, you are invited to talk to one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. Please contact us for complete legal assistance.