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Obtain Maltese Citizenship by Residency

Obtain Maltese Citizenship by Residency

Citizenship by residency in Malta can be acquired by joining the MRVP or Malta Residency and Visa Program. This is also known as the “Malta Golden Visa” which addresses non-EU citizens interested in obtaining permanent residency in this country. All the legal aspects can be explained by one of our Maltese immigration lawyers. We have a wide experience in varied immigration matters, so feel free to get in touch with us and see how you can immigrate to Malta.

What you need to know about MRVP

Malta Golden Visa or Malta Residency and Visa Program help non-EU nationals to gain permanent residency in this country, respecting a few conditions. First of all, a one-time investment is required, but here is information about Malta Golden Visa:

  • Investments of EUR 120,000 are needed, plus EUR 10,000 as annual property rental is required.
  • EUR 250,000 bond investments are also accepted to enter the MRVP.
  • The applicant is required to provide he/she has an annual income of at least EUR 10,000 generated outside Malta.
  • The family members are included in the application.
  • In terms of taxation, there is no worldwide tax imposed.

Foreign citizens interested in this kind of program are invited to discuss with our team of immigration lawyers in Malta and find out more about how to obtain Malta citizenship by residency. Complete details about how to obtain a residence permit in Malta and about how to immigrate to Malta can be offered by our experts.

What is Malta Individual Investor Program or IIP?

Malta Individual Investor Program or IIP is destined for high net worth individuals plus their families, who are interested in making investments and gain Malta citizenship by residency. This program comes with a series of benefits, like obtaining citizenship, if particular investments are made.

For instance, EUR 650,000 represents the investment starting point to join the IIP. Or, foreigners can purchase a property worth no less than EUR 350,000, or rent a house for a minimum annual rental fee of EUR 16,000. Immigration authorities and particularly the National Development and Social Fund in Malta are responsible for the IIP applicants, in terms of conditions and requirements imposed.

If you want to obtain a residence permit in Malta or are interested in how to move to Malta, our immigration lawyers can help you.

The process is straightforward and simplified as much as possible, yet the Maltese authorities will verify the criminal record of foreign applicants in the first place. The entire application process for IIP can be overseen from a legal point of view by our Maltese immigration lawyers. We have extensive experience in immigration matters, so feel free to address your inquiries to our team and ask for Malta citizenship by residency. We are here to help you move to Malta. If you are interested in immigrating to Malta from other countries, such as USA or UK, we can offer you professional legal advice.

If you want to obtain a residence permit in Malta, you have the legal services offered by one of our lawyers at your fingertips. They can explain the formalities and manage the documents you need in this endeavor. You must know that you are required to register with the local authorities, and following that you must then comply with the other conditions for obtaining the respective permit. We are here to guide you in this endeavor, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I gain Maltese citizenship by marriage?

Yes, it is possible to gain Maltese citizenship by marriage. One of the main conditions refers to the duration of marriage with a Maltese national, and that is settled to at least 5 years. The application is simple, and our immigration lawyers in Malta can provide the necessary assistance and legal advice. Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs in Malta is the institution that oversees residency and citizenship applications in this country. Instead of dealing with the requirements imposed in this process, you should rather discuss all the legal terms with one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. We are here to help you from a legal point of view.

Foreigners who want to move to Malta can opt for the legal advice offered by our immigration lawyers. The resettlement process begins first of all with obtaining the necessary visa, after which the applicants must register with the local authorities, after contracting a new home. You can obtain residency in this country if you pay at least EUR 16,000 as annual rent. You also have the option of investments of at least EUR 120,000 if you access the Malta Golden Visa.

The Global Residence Program or GRP

Another option to obtain residency in Malta is to join the GRP program or Global Residence Program. This kind of program allows non-EU citizens to stay in Malta for one year, apply for a work permit, and travel throughout the Schengen countries. There are other benefits too, in matters of taxation. A flat tax rate of 15% applies to incomes remitted to Malta. It is important to note that foreigners who successfully joined the GRP must renew their residency permit each year for a tax of around EUR 15,000. As for other benefits linked to the GRP, we mention that the application for family members is permitted. Information about Malta citizenship by residency program can be solicited from one of our Maltese specialists in immigration. Also, we have gathered some facts and figures about Malta’s economy, business, and population that you might find useful:

  1. Around 442,000 is the total population of Malta.
  2. Most of the foreigners living in Malta come from European countries.
  3. Around 17,5% of the total population of Malta is represented by foreigners.
  4. 46 is the approximate rate of immigrants per 1,000 inhabitants in Malta.

If you want citizenship in Malta, you can apply for one of the programs dedicated to this. Investments of over EUR 750,000 in Malta offer the opportunity to obtain the desired citizenship within a maximum of one year from the date of application. However, we recommend specialist help from our immigration lawyers in Malta who have experience in this field and who can provide you with details about the formalities. Also, they can take care of the necessary documents requested by the authorities, as well as collaboration with the relevant institutions. Contact us for more details.

Foreign nationals interested in Malta citizenship by residency are invited to contact our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. We are here to provide legal assistance if you want to relocate to Malta. Those who want to retire to Malta can obtain legal support from our immigration lawyers.