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How to Relocate to Malta from USA

How to Relocate to Malta from USA

Relocating to Malta comes with a series of advantages and numerous foreign citizens believe this country provides a good quality of life and varied business opportunities and development. This is also the case of citizens from the USA who decide on relocating to Malta. The good news is that there is no need for a Maltese visa to enter the country, so the relocation process will be quite simple, following a few important steps. However, it is recommended to talk to our immigration lawyers in Malta and find out more about how you can move to this country. If you want to obtain a residence permit in Malta or Malta citizenship by investment, our immigration lawyers can help you.

 Quick Facts  
Do US citizens need a visa to enter Malta? (YES/NO)


Malta business visa available for US citizens (YES/NO)


Time you can spend in Malta without a visa as a US citizen

90 days


When it is required a residence permit

 For stays of more than 90 days in Malta

Formalities for temporary residence permit in Malta

– health insurance,

– at least EUR 23,500 in a bank account,

– rental agreement,

– no criminal record

Benefits of the e-residence card for Malta

US citizens can travel throughout the Schengen Area without restrictions.

Application for permanent residence permit for Malta

After living at least 5 years in Malta

Program through which you can receive indefinite residence in Malta 

Global Residence Scheme

Formalities to obtain indefinite residence in Malta

Property purchase worth at least EUR 270,000 or annual rent of at least EUR 10,000

Can you relocate a company from USA to Malta? (YES/NO) Yes
We provide support for US family relocation in Malta (YES/NO)

Yes, we can help you relocate to Malta from USA with your family.

Legal support for immigration formalities 

Our immigration lawyer can manage the paperwork on behalf of the US citizens who need to relocate to Malta from USA.

Advice for citizenship application for Malta (YES/NO)


Support for US students relocating to Malta (YES/NO)


Free case evaluation offered by our immigration lawyer in Malta (YES/NO)

Yes, for citizens who need to relocate to Malta from USA. 

Do I need a visa to enter Malta as a US citizen?

No, there is no need to apply for a visa as a US citizen who wants to relocate to Malta. More than that, just like Canadian or Australian citizens, Americans can stay up to 90 days in Malta without a visa. However, it is necessary to register with the Maltese authority and apply for a temporary or a permanent residence permit, depending on your stay. Here are some important steps to pay attention to at the time you start the relocation to Malta:

  • search for a place to stay, prior to the arrival to Malta;
  • prepare the personal documents and apply for a temporary or a permanent residence permit, by getting in touch with our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. We can help you immigrate to Malta.
  • you should close the utility contracts in USA before moving to Malta;
  • make sure you notify the local authorities in USA about your relocation to Malta, in order to solve the tax requirements among other aspects.

The relocation process to Malta from USA is not complicated, but legal advice and recommendations should be solicited from our team of immigration attorneys in Malta, particularly for residence permit applications.

You might also want to discover the infographic we prepared on this topic:

Obtaining the Maltese residence permit

Obtaining temporary or permanent residence in Malta is a process that should be started within a couple of months. In most cases, an ordinary residence permit is issued for EU citizens staying for more than just 3 months in Malta. In the case of the permanent residence permit, this is issued after 5 years of living in Malta. We remind that one of our Maltese immigration attorneys will provide assistance and legal guidance for residence permit applications where the authorities ask for a valid passport, a lease contract of the property you will live in Malta, and some photos. Here are details about residence permits in Malta you need to consider:

  • Ordinary residence is only required for EU citizens, and therefore not for US citizens.
  • The permanent residence permit is the document that can be obtained by foreign citizens who want to relocate to Malta.
  • The permanent residence permit is renewed once a year.

It is recommended that you talk to an immigration lawyer in Malta to find out what the formalities for obtaining a residence permit in Malta are for US citizens. We are here to help you move to Malta. If you need a digital nomad visa in Malta, contact us for legal assistance.

Foreigners interested in moving to Malta must go through several stages and formalities in this regard. The process begins with applying for the necessary visa, registering with the local authorities, and obtaining the residence permit. Foreign entrepreneurs can also opt for the Malta Residency and Visa Program where an investment of at least EUR 120,000 or EUR 250,000 in government bonds is required. Whatever your choice, we recommend that you contact us and discover the legal services offered.

Bellow is a video presentation that can help you when relocating to Malta from USA:


Can I relocate my US company to Malta?

Yes, foreign investors from USA can easily relocate their companies to Malta, by simply following a few important steps that require complete attention, mostly regarding the formalities and documents comprised. First of all, one should start the de-registration process with the local authorities in US and then prepare a set of documents for company registration in Malta. The Articles of Association, the Certificate of Good Standing, and the Certificate of Incorporation must be among the necessary documents for the registration of the firm in Malta. Here are a few short steps related to the US company relocation in Malta:

  •  De-register the business in US.
  • Find a new business place in Malta.
  • Prepare the documents for company registration in Malta.
  • Register for tax purposes and social contributions in Malta.
  • Hire local staff for your activities in Malta.

In the same process of company relocation, business owners will have to ask for support and legal advice when hiring employees from US, and that to arrange the work permits. You can get in touch with one of our Maltese immigration lawyers and find out more about how we can help with the relocation from USA.

If you are interested in citizenship in Malta, the recommendation is to contact our lawyer with experience in this field. Depending on the program chosen to obtain this status, the requirements imposed will be explained to you. Also, our specialist can take care of the paperwork to ensure that the process will be free of errors or complexity. We mention that the procedures do not exceed more than 7 months or a maximum of one year from the date of application, after which a decision will be made regarding you.

Short guide to moving to Malta from USA

US citizens wishing to relocate to Malta might consider the following guide to help them relocate easily to this country:

  • Malta visa for business purposes can be obtained by American citizens who want to immigrate to Malta as representatives of a company or as investors. In the first case, an employer certificate will be required to certify the reasons for the visit.
  • In case of relocation for medical reasons such as treatments, a Malta visa for medical purposes is required for which a medical report is needed.
  • In addition to the required visas, US citizens must prove accommodation in Malta.
  • A clean criminal record is also needed to prove that American citizens have not had problems with the law.
  • In the case of relocation of a company from the USA to Malta, the firm must be de-registered, and the contracts should be concluded with the suppliers. Then, the company will be registered in the new business destination, in this case, Malta.
  • American citizens who want to study in Malta must prove a certificate of enrollment from the university that accepted them.
  • Once the visa is obtained, we proceed to the formalities for permanent residence in Malta.
  • Applicants can already open a bank account in Malta.

These are some of the essential steps for relocating from the US to Malta, but full details can be found in our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. We can help you immigrate to Malta from USA.

Special circumstances for US citizens in Malta

Although the relocation process from the US to Malta is straightforward, there are some things to keep in mind. Crimes of any kind are severely punished in Malta, and the US passport cannot help in this case, nor can it get American citizens out of prison in such a situation. Moreover, judicial proceedings in Malta are different from those in the US, and US citizens can spend up to 7 years awaiting a decision in a lawsuit. It is better to consider immigration law in Malta and make sure you have the support of a lawyer for any problem you encounter. If you would like to know more about how to immigrate to Malta from USA talk to our attorneys.

Applying for ETIAS to travel to Malta

ETIAS represents the European Travel Information and Authorization System with which Malta also aligns, as part of the Schengen Area. Starting with 2024, American citizens who want to visit or relocate to Malta must access this system and register. Basically, it can be said that it is a visa waiver scheme that helps pre-screening visa-exempt for foreigners.

Therefore, identification and registration through ETIAS will be required for those coming from USA, including for children, if they are traveling with them. It should be mentioned that group applications are not allowed, but only individual ETIAS, for each separate passport. Here are other important details regarding American citizens and ETIAS:

  • ETIAS does not allow registration in the field of work in Malta for American citizens.
  • Also, registration through ETIAS is not the path to obtaining a student visa in Malta, other formalities being necessary.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 3 months before registration through ETIAS.
  • With ETIAS you can benefit from visa-free stays of up to 90 days in a 180-day period, valid throughout the Schengen territory.

We recommend those who want comprehensive information on this subject contact our lawyers. We will provide you with all the necessary support in this endeavor.

Retirement to Malta

American citizens can choose Malta for retirement and enjoy various advantages. In this sense, you can access the Retirement Scheme in Malta. Among the formalities of this program, we mention:

  • You must buy a property of at least EUR 220,000 to access the Maltese Retirement Programme.
  • You can opt for renting a house in Malta, for at least EUR 8,750 per year.
  • You must have health insurance when you apply for the Maltese Retirement program as an American citizen. This insurance must be valid in the entire Schengen area.

You can retire to Malta from USA and access the dedicated program in this regard, respecting the formalities mentioned above. And in this case, you can benefit from the legal support offered by our immigration lawyers in Malta, in terms of legal procedures and more.

Why do US citizens choose to move to Malta?

Malta is a small insular state very much appreciated by foreigners looking for a better life, business opportunities, and other aspects. Malta is often on the list of American citizens, but among the reasons for such relocation we mention:

  • Active lifestyle and family & work balance.
  • Possibility to live, work and study in Malta in great conditions.
  • Competent and free healthcare system.
  • A great quality of life, very much appreciated by expats.
  • Possibility to visit around 183 countries without visa requirements.
  • The Maltese passport can be easily obtained, through various investment programs offered by the government.
  • Valletta, the capital of the island state, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is among the most appreciated cities for relocation.

There are quite a few reasons for American citizens to choose Malta for relocation, and the above are among the most important. If Malta is on your list for a possible relocation from USA, we recommend the legal services offered by one of our lawyers.

Citizenship in Malta

American citizens wishing to obtain Maltese citizenship must have a clear idea of the formalities imposed by the authorities. A good program for obtaining this status can be Malta Citizenship by Investment which involves the following:

  • Applicants coming from the US must be at least 18 years old to access this program.
  • Authorities will verify the source of the investment before guaranteeing citizenship in Malta.
  • Candidates must have valid medical insurance in Malta. You can talk to us about how to immigrate to Malta from USA.
  • An investment of at least EUR 650,000, but also contributions of EUR 25,000 for each family member are the important conditions for entering the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program.
  • Malta’s Letter of Approval in Principle is the document provided by the Maltese authorities to those interested in Maltese citizenship with the help of investments. Once received, you can proceed to the other formalities.
  • There is also the possibility to buy a property in Malta for at least EUR 350,000 in order to access Malta Citizenship by Investment.

It is important to note that once Maltese citizenship is obtained, American citizens can enjoy the Maltese passport, one of the most important documents in the world. This passport allows you to travel to Schengen countries without any restrictions. If you are also interested in investing in Malta, as an American citizen, we invite you to discuss all legal issues with our immigration lawyers in Malta. More about how to immigrate to Malta from USA can be discussed with us.

Property rents in Malta

If you have decided to move to Malta from USA, it is advisable to get an idea of ​​the properties that can be rented. Prices vary by city, area, and facilities. Here are some examples to give you an idea of ​​house renting in Malta:

  • Renting a penthouse in Valletta can start from USD 795 per month.
  • A furnished maisonette in Valletta can be rented for about USD 800 per month.
  • For approximately USD 650, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment in Victoria, Gozo.
  • In St Julian’s you can rent a two-bedroom property with top facilities for about USD 1,350.

To these costs are added the ones for utilities and transportation. These also vary depending on the city, area, providers, and consumption. If you are interested in details about how to move to Malta from USA, you can discuss with our Maltese lawyers. We are here to help you with the necessary formalities.

Property purchase in MaltaHow can US citizens buy one?

If renting a home in Malta is not on your list, you probably want to buy one. The process is quite easy for foreigners interested in buying a home in Malta. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • It is recommended to work with a real estate agency. This way you will be sure that you will pay a fair price.
  • Real estate due diligence is required before buying a home in Malta. Such a procedure will reveal if the property has debts or other problems.
  • A preliminary agreement will be signed with an advance payment for the property.
  • In the case of American citizens who want to buy a property in Malta, they must first obtain the Acquisition of Immovable Property permit or AIP. Proof of bank transfer will be required upon payment of the property.
  • All documents are then checked and stamped by a notary.

So, buying a property in Malta by an American citizen is a fairly simple process. Talk to our Maltese lawyers for more details on this case.

Foreign citizens who want to obtain residency in Malta can opt for the legal services offered by our lawyers. You will need documents certifying the new residence, personal funds, and also health insurance. We mention that it is mandatory to register with the local authorities before starting the steps to obtain the residence permit. But you can find out all the legal aspects from one of our lawyers with experience in immigration.

US students in Malta

American students can choose Malta and the prestigious universities in this country. As English is one of the two official languages ​​in Malta, students in the USA will have no difficulty choosing courses in this country. Here are some important aspects for those interested in taking courses in Malta:

  • The University of Malta, Queen Mary College, American University of Malta, European Graduate School, Barts, and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry located in Victoria are some of the most prestigious colleges on the mainland.
  • You must apply for a student visa for Malta. You need health insurance, proof of finance, and domiciliation.
  • Authorities ask for a Letter of Acceptance from the college or college that accepted you to the courses.
  • As for the expenses for a student in Malta, they can reach around EUR 120 per month. The rent for a student room is also added, between EUR 180 and EUR 360.

Malta offers opportunities for those who complete a specialist course. Former students can access the job market valid in Malta by applying for a work visa. They can also easily open a business in Malta in sectors such as gaming, IT, the tech industry, and more. Moreover, the tax system is quite advantageous for entrepreneurs in Malta. In most cases, profit repatriation is not subject to taxation. More about how to move to Malta from USA can be discussed with our specialists.

Reasons why you should relocate to Malta

Relocating to Malta is based on personal reasons, but in most cases, these reasons relate to a number of advantages provided by this country. For instance, a favorable tax regime, great standards of living in a Mediterranean style, an appreciated education system, great connections with major business hubs worldwide by air, sea, and land, plus a strengthened economy that continues to develop are in most cases sufficient reasons for people wanting to move to Malta from USA. The following numbers highlight a few aspects of Malta’s population:

  1.  More than 21% of the citizens living in Malta are foreigners.
  2. The latest statistics for 2019 reveal that there are around 494,000 citizens living in Malta.
  3. Most of the foreigners in Malta come from UK, Italy, Germany, and France.
  4. Malta ranks 88th out of 190 worldwide economies, according to the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank.

We invite you to contact our team of immigration lawyers in Malta and find out more about how to immigrate to Malta from USA. They can help you with the formalities if interested in how to immigrate to Malta from USA.