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Retire to Malta

Retire to Malta

EU or non-EU citizens who decide to retire to Malta will discover a great standard of living and excellent climate conditions, plus other interesting attributes. Some people want to simply change the environment and enjoy Malta’s warm climate, great architecture, food, all sorts of interesting activities, and many more. The Retirement Scheme in Malta presents lots of benefits, but for more details in this sense, you can talk to one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. They can help you obtain a residence permit and immigrate to Malta.

 Quick Facts  
 Retirement programs available for foreigners Retirement Scheme in Malta or Maltese Retirement Program (MRP) 

 Who can retire to Malta?

 Both EU and non-EU citizens are accepted in the program.

 Conditions to join MRP

– owning a property worth at least EUR 220,000, or renting a house for around EUR 8,750 per year in Gozo, for example,

– health insurance,

– stable income,

– certification of good health 

 Is it possible to accept jobs in Malta as a retiree? No, the legislation does not allow retired foreigners to work in Malta, however, they can maintain non-executive posts. 
 Source of income


Clear criminal record solicited (YES/NO) 


Minimum income for American citizens retired in Malta 

Around USD 26,000 

 Bank account required in Malta

Not imposed, but recommended 

 Visa for Canadian retirees in Malta

Not solicited 

Taxation for retirees in Malta   A flat tax rate of 15% on foreign-sourced income transferred to Malta 
 Administration fee

Around EUR 2,500 

 Other conditions to retire to Malta

– proof of domicile,

– medical certificate,

– 6 photos,

– valid passport,

– bank statements 

 Residence permit issued (YES/NO)


 Reasons to retire to Malta

– great living conditions,

– culture,

– great health system,

– dedicated programs to gain citizenship 

 Why choose our Maltese immigration lawyers?

 – experience,

– professionalism,

– affordable costs,

– complete legal services

What is the Retirement Scheme in Malta?

The Retirement Scheme in Malta also called the Maltese Retirement Programme (MRP) is meant to attract both EU and non-EU citizens who want to retire to Malta and enjoy lots of benefits, such as a great tax system, just to give an example. Here are a few aspects and conditions to consider when deciding on retirement in Malta:

  1.  The programme is not destined for High Net Worth Individuals – the Authorized Registered Mandatary application form needs to be completed. Maltese Retirement Programme is also of interest to foreigners.
  2. MRP is not available for Maltese residents.
  3. A citizen must own a property in Malta worth at least EUR 220,000 (in Gozo) or rent one for about EUR 8,750/year.
    One should have health insurance issued in Malta.
  4.  Gozo, Qrendi, Luqa, Gudja, Cospicua, Safi, Kirkop, Kalkara, Paola, Tarxien, and Zabbar are a few of the cities part of the MRP Programme, found in the southern part of Malta. You can discuss more about Maltese retirement visa with our experts in the field.

It is important to note that properties acquired in Malta when applying for MRP cannot be sub-rented. In the case of couples who want to retire to Malta, they will need to prove they have a stable relationship when applying for MRP. Moreover, the authorities have the right to verify the persons who want to retire to Malta and check their criminal records prior to granting them the right to relocate to Malta. All the aspects of the retirement programme in Malta can be entirely explained by one of our Maltese immigration lawyers. They can also help you obtain a visa for Malta or a residence permit in Malta if you are from a non-EU country. Interested in Malta citizenship? Talk to our advisors and find out how you can move to Malta.

If you are interested in moving to Malta, you must know that you will need an entry visa, if you come from a non-EU/EEA country. Relocation also requires registration with the local authorities, after establishing the new domicile in Malta. Next comes the application for a residence permit, where you will need to prepare health insurance that covers the entire Schengen area. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in legal help in this endeavor. You can also watch the following infographic:

Applying for a police conduct certificate

Besides the above-mentioned requirements for entering the Maltese Retirement Programme, applicants must obtain a police conduct certificate within 6 months prior to their arrival in Malta. This is an important document that confirms a person’s clear criminal record. However, if a foreign citizen has been involved in a criminal proceeding at a certain time, he/she must offer complete information about this aspect. The Commissioner for Revenue is the institution that makes such verifications and issues this kind of certificate. Offences associated with terrorism, crimes against humanity, money laundering, and varied type of frauds or convictions part of a person’s criminal record are not accepted in Malta. Feel free to talk to our specialists in immigration in Malta and find out more about the eligibility criteria for MRP, Maltese Retirement Programme, and Malta citizenship. Get in touch with us if you want to move to Malta.

A residence permit in Malta can be obtained within a maximum of 3 months from the date of a candidate’s application. This document is necessary for those who want to move to this country. Immediately after issuing this document, it is mandatory to register with the local authorities. Among the necessary documents, we mention a valid passport, health insurance, proof of domicile, and personal funds. We recommend that you consider the services offered by our local lawyers with experience in immigration matters and also watch the following video presentation:

Tax benefits for foreigners retired to Malta

Malta is considered a tax haven for foreign investors in this country. The same benefits apply to persons entering the MRP. The Retirement Scheme in Malta states that an applicant must declare at least 75% of their pension and at least 25% of the normal income. A minimum tax of EUR 7,500/year must be paid with respect to the incomes registered outside Malta. EUR 500 is the annual tax for the household staff of a person part of the Retirement Scheme in Malta. For more details about the tax regime for foreigners retiring to Malta, you should get in touch with one of our Maltese immigration attorneys. They can also help you immigrate to Malta and tell you more about Maltese retirement visa requirements.

Citizenship in Malta can be obtained by EU and non-EU citizens who want to settle permanently in this country. The formalities involved can be explained in detail by our Maltese immigration lawyers. They can take care of the paperwork and collaborate with the relevant institutions so that interested candidates benefit from a fast and uncomplicated process. We mention that Malta allows dual citizenship and this is an advantage for those interested.

Retiring to Malta as a UK citizen

Retiring to Malta from UK is not complicated, even after Brexit. Those interested in the Maltese Retirement Programme or Maltese retirement visa must consider some aspects and legal formalities:

  • You can access the Global Residency Program which allows you to stay indefinitely in Malta, as well as free travel within EU countries.
  • You must provide proof of a stable income, i.e. pension.
  • You must bring documents that certify that you are in good health. These documents must be issued by a specialist doctor.
    If you plan to travel, it is recommended not to exceed 183 days per year.
  • There is an obligation to have knowledge of English or Maltese. You can discuss more about how to retire to Malta with our experts.
  • Also related to the Maltese Retirement Programme, applicants can invest in real estate and buy real estate with a value of at least EUR 275,000.

These are some of the formalities imposed for those retiring to Malta from UK. Call our specialists if you want more information about the Maltese retirement visa.

Retire to Malta from USA

If you want to retire to Malta from USA you need to apply for a permanent residence permit that is renewed every year and follow other retirement conditions. Retiring in Malta as an American means providing information about personal finances. Income of at least USD 26,039 per year is the condition imposed for those interested in retiring in Malta as an American.

An interview stage, a clear criminal record, and the opening of a bank account in Malta are among the formalities that must be observed by those who want to retire to Malta from USA. We invite you to discuss all the legal aspects related to retiring in Malta as an American citizen with one of our local experts.

Retiring in Malta from Canada

Canadian citizens can discover the benefits of the Maltese Retirement Programme if they want to settle in this country. As in the case of American citizens, Canadians do not need a visa to enter this country, but there are other formalities to be observed.
It is important to know that there is an Agreement on Social Security between Malta and Canada, since 1992, which says that people who have worked and/or lived in Malta and Canada are eligible for benefits or pensions from both countries.

One can qualify for the Maltese Pension Programme, if they prove that they have paid the social contributions, including those for the pension. But in order to better understand the advantages offered by these countries to their citizens, you can get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Malta and discuss retiring in Malta from Canada.

Retirees and citizenship in Malta

Are you retiring to Malta from UK? Are you interested in the Maltese Retirement Programme? You can access the dedicated scheme and you can also apply for citizenship at a certain point. As for the formalities for Malta Citizenship by Investment, you can enter this program with an investment of at least EUR 700,000 or a donation of at least EUR 690,000.

Authorities also accept rental contracts with a value of at least EUR 16,000 per year, for a minimum of 5 years. In addition to these aspects, you must also bear in mind that the authorities require a clear criminal background, as well as information about the state of health. Therefore, if you want to know more about Maltese retirement visa requirements, please talk to our specialists in immigration.

Cost of living in Malta

Malta is one of the most popular destinations in the world for retirees. Seniors can enjoy a special climate, as well as other benefits, including affordable costs of living. For example, a spacious apartment with two bedrooms, in Mellieha, can cost a little over EUR 635 per month, to which are added utility bills of approximately EUR 65. Those with beachfront and sea views can cost over EUR 1,000-1,500 per month. Here are other facts that could help you get an idea of the cost of living in Malta:

  • A restaurant menu can cost around EUR 26.
  • A shopping basket, with basic foodstuff, can cost around EUR 30.
  • The internet can cost around EUR 35 per month.
  • The monthly ticket for local transportation is around EUR 25.
  • Personal hygiene products and other services included in this area can cost around EUR 45 per month.

With the help of our immigration lawyers in Malta, you can find out what the steps are to resettle in this country, as well as the options available to you. We take care of the documents and all the formalities from a legal point of view.

Malta is known for its great health system

Another aspect that is taken into account when relocating to Malta is the health system of this country, one of the most appreciated in the world. Maltese citizens have free access to health services, and if you obtain citizenship in this country, you can also benefit from such services, free of charge. But if you are a foreign citizen residing in Malta, you might be interested in private health services, which are equally appreciated. EU citizens who have completed the E121 form and who live in Malta can access free health services in this country and thus save money.

Other advantages of moving to Malta

The Maltese authorities have set up a series of programs dedicated to foreigners who want to obtain residency in this country or even citizenship. EU citizens can work in Malta without applying for a visa, while those from non-EU countries must consider this major condition. Certain investments can be made to obtain citizenship, apply for the Malta Retirement Program, and own a property of at least EUR 220,000. Here are other interesting aspects about relocating to Malta as a retiree:

  • Malta has a rich cultural legacy, so you can enjoy everything this island state has to offer.
  • With a varied and extensive history, Malta attracts like a magnet tourists from all countries of the world.
  • Another important aspect is the climate, particularly pleasant with over 300 days of sunshine per year.
  • With incredible Baroque architecture, Valletta, the capital of the island state, is among the destinations of those interested in retiring to Malta.
  • Malta has a booming economy and a stable business environment, which makes this country a top destination for relocation.

Short facts about retirement and community in Malta

Malta is a small insular state that welcomes foreigners interested in the available retirement programs. The country is known for its excellent warm weather, great cities and places to visit, varied events, and a great community to join from the beginning. Gozo is a Maltese city preferred by foreign citizens already retired in Malta, who benefit from a slower pace of life, great amenities, and transportation, appreciated restaurants, plus affordable house rental and daily expenses.

Working with our immigration lawyers in Malta

We recommend those who want to move to Malta to opt for the legal services offered by our company. Our immigration lawyers in Malta have experience in a wide range of legal areas and can help foreigners apply for a visa, obtain a residence permit or Maltese citizenship. The process can be greatly simplified and you will have the guarantee that all the documents required by the authorities are drawn up correctly from a legal point of view.

Foreign citizens interested in the Retirement Scheme in Malta are invited to talk to one of our immigration lawyers in Malta and find out more details about the conditions involved. Please feel free to contact us and see how you can relocate to Malta.