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How to Relocate to Malta from Germany

How to Relocate to Malta from Germany

Moving to Malta from Germany is a simple process that requires a little bit of attention in matters of formalities and documents. German citizens do not need a visa to enter Malta, however, depending on the length of stay, they will have to apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit. Our immigration lawyers in Malta have experience in relocation cases, residence permits, visas, and other immigration issues, so you can talk to us for complete support and guidance. We are here to help you immigrate to Malta.

Do I need a visa to enter Malta as a citizen from Germany?

No, both Malta and Germany are part of the European Union, and therefore, there is no need to consider applying for a visa. You can freely enter Malta as a German citizen and develop your activities, work, or study, enjoying the same benefits as the Maltese citizens. Moving to Malta requires attention to a few steps involved, such as:

  1.  You should start looking for a place to stay in Malta prior to your arrival.
  2. It is important to know the length of your stay, in order to apply for a temporary or a permanent residence permit in Malta.
  3. It is recommended to notify the local authorities in Germany about your relocation to Malta.
  4. It is suggested to close the utility contracts and agreements in Germany before you move to Malta.

Relocating to Malta from Germany is not a complex process, but you should solicit assistance and legal advice for a residence permit in Malta. Our immigration lawyers in Malta are here to offer comprehensive information and guidance about how to obtain a residence permit in Malta. Support for Malta citizenship can be offered and detailed information about how to immigrate to Malta.

How do I obtain a residence permit in Malta as a German citizen?

German citizens will have to observe the main rules for obtaining permanent residence in Malta, once they decide on the length of stay in this country. An Ordinary Residence permit is required for citizens staying more than just 3 months in Malta. The entitled authorities will ask for a lease contract, a valid passport, and some photos as part of the application. As for the permanent residence permit, this is issued for German citizens living in Malta for more than just 5 years. that to us about how to move to Malta.

Do you want to apply for citizenship in Malta? We recommend specialized help from our local lawyers with experience in immigration matters. The process should not last more than a year, but this status can be gained faster, depending on the procedures and formalities. We mention that both EU and non-EU citizens can apply for this citizenship, with the help of programs dedicated to this. Contact us to find out all the legal aspects.

German company relocation to Malta

German investors who want to relocate their businesses to Malta have to respect a few simple formalities and procedures. For instance, they will have to de-register the business in Germany and prepare a set of documents for submission to the Maltese Trade Register. The Articles of Association, the Certificate of Incorporation, and the Certificate of Good Standing are among the documents that need to be submitted to the Maltese local authorities. The tax registration procedure will have to be considered at the time the German company is registered in Malta. This means that you won’t have to pay taxes in the country of origin if the business no longer activates there.

When the company relocation to Malta takes place, you might want to pay attention to the local workforce and hire experienced and skilled staff for your business in Malta. All the details about the company relocation to Malta can be offered by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta together with detailed information about how to immigrate to Malta. Our team is experienced in immigration in Malta, residence in Malta, and Malta citizenship by investment, among other related matters.

Why relocate from Germany to Malta

Both countries offer good quality of living, however, some Germans might consider Malta a great source of income and profits under certain circumstances, and particularly for the intentions they have. With a population of approximately 450,000 people, Malta is home to numerous foreign citizens who enjoy the benefits of living in Malta, such as, great business conditions, appreciated education and medical systems, an appealing tax structure, and the opportunity of developing in prolific sectors like banking, insurance, financial services, tourism, agriculture, IT & communication and many more.

You may find interesting the following facts and figures about immigration, population, and economy in Malta:

  •  there are around 450,000 citizens living in Malta, according to the latest statistics, representing 0.01% of the total world population;
    around 21% of the total population in Malta is represented by foreigners;
  •  in terms of economy and investments, Malta ranks 88th out of 190 economies in the world, according to the 2020 Doing Business report, issued by the World Bank;
  •  citizens from UK, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Italy, or Spain live in Malta and enjoy the great standards of living provided in this country.

Looking for legal services to move to Malta? Our suggestion is to contact us when you decide to relocate to this country so that we can offer you the necessary legal support. Where appropriate, we will help you with the necessary visa formalities. then follows the registration with the municipality, the application for a residence, and a work permit, as the case may be. Whatever your relocation plan, you can opt for our complete services.

If you want to apply for a residence permit in Malta, our recommendation is to use the legal services offered by our lawyers. We are with you in this endeavor and can help you with the preparation of the necessary documents. We can also explain to you what are the steps to follow and what formalities you must respect. You will thus have the guarantee that the documents are well prepared and that you can obtain the desired document in the shortest possible time.

Relocating to Malta from Germany is quite an easy process that can be explained by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. We kindly invite you to contact our team of advisors and find out more about Malta citizenship, company relocation, visa policies, and how to immigrate to Malta.