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Immigration Services in Malta


    There are numerous reasons to immigrate to Malta: some people want to enjoy a good quality of life in this country or some want to benefit from the multitude of business opportunities, investments, and many more. Many entrepreneurs relocate their companies in Malta and enjoy the appealing business climate of this country, taking advantage of relaxed legislation that applies to both local and foreign investors. Our immigration lawyers in Malta are here to guide you throughout the visa applications, residence permit in Malta, and Malta citizenship by investment programmes.

    Our affiliations

    Ciantar Associates is licensed by Malta Institute of Accountants and Auditors and by Malta Financial Services Authority. Ciantar Associates is an important member of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners and AGN International. It is highly recommended to have the legal support of a team of immigration lawyers in Malta if you are interested in relocating to this country, and that because you need to have an idea about the Maltese laws in terms of immigration, visa, and residence.

    The team of experts at Ciantar Associates has experience in immigration matters and issues, plus in accounting and audit fields. They can be hired for a series of legal services and representation for those who want to immigrate to Malta. If you want to obtain Malta citizenship, our immigration lawyers can help you.

    Simon Ciantar is the CEO of Ciantar Associates and a partner in the firm for more than 12 years. He can provide comprehensive legal support and advice for a wide range of immigration matters and can help foreigners understand the Malta visas policies. He is also an experienced and qualified accountant and registered auditor.  Simon Ciantar speaks English and Italian, so our foreign clients can get in touch with us and benefit from easy communication.

    Mr. Simon Ciantar is a member of varied important organizations in Malta, among which we mention the following:

    • Malta Institute of Accountants
    • Institute of Financial Service Practitioners
    • STEP – a global professional association for practitioners in family inheritance and succession planning
    • Malta- Italian Chamber of Commerce
    • AGN International LTD
    • ANTEA

    Our clients must know that Ciantar Associates is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and by the Malta Institute of Accountants as Auditors. We are also licensed as registered trustees and fiduciaries through our subsidiary CRV International LTD (Company Registration no C-18970).

    How do I obtain a visa for Malta?

    The visa application for Malta can start with one of our immigration lawyers in Malta who can provide in-depth support and legal assistance. Among the general conditions for a Maltese visa application, we mention the following:

    1. A visa application form needs to be completed, with personal information and reasons for your travel to Malta;
    2. The passport needs to be valid for at least 3 months before you submit the Maltese visa application;
    3. The return tickets reservation must be provided at the time the application is made;
    4. 2 photos in a passport format must be provided;
    5. Medical insurance covering up around EUR 30,000 needs to be prepared;
    6. Information about the accommodation for your stay in Malta is required;
    7. A copy of the marriage certificate to prove the civil status is needed.

    In the case of foreign citizens wanting to immigrate to Malta and work, a copy of the employment contract is necessary, plus the Certificate of Income Tax Return and some bank statements for the last 6 months. The business license is solicited by the Maltese authorities for sole traders wanting to work in Malta. One of our immigration lawyers in Malta can provide full legal assistance for those interested in obtaining a visa for Malta, as they closely work with the Visa Application Centers in this country. Support for obtaining a residence permit in Malta is also offered.

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    Other types of visas for Malta

    The visa applications can be made at the Maltese consulate or embassy in the home country, with full legal support offered by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. Here are some other cases in which non-EU citizens who immigrate to Malta can solicit a visa:

    • Malta visa for minors – notarized travel permission from the parents is needed;
    • Malta visa for family members of a Maltese citizen– spouses need to show the marriage certificate;
    • Maltese student visa – also needed for internship purposes – proof of the financial sustenance and enrollment certificate are needed;
    • Malta visa for official delegations – the official invitation, the purpose of the trip and the duration of stay are needed information;
    • Visa for religious purposes, cultural and sports activities – the travel itinerary, the duration of stay, the invitation letter and proof of accommodation are needed;
    • Malta visa for medical purposes – a medical report and a medical attestation or document issued by the Maltese hospital or doctor are solicited.

    No matter the type of visa you need, you can rely on our Maltese immigration lawyer for support and legal advice. Our specialists can also help you apply for a residence permit in Malta or Malta citizenship.

    What is a tourist Schengen visa?

    The tourist Schengen visa is issued to third-country citizens who want to visit the Schengen states. This kind of visa has a validity of no more than 90 days and it can be issued for a single or for multiple entries. However, an extension can be solicited if it is the case.

    Malta Global Residency Programme

    The Maltese government introduced the Global Residency Programme that provides a special tax regime to those who purchase or rent a property in Malta. Here are the eligibility criteria for joining this programme:

    1.  Investment of at least EUR 275,000 must be made by foreigners interested in Malta relocation.
    2. Health insurance is required to join this programme.
    3. Not spending more than 183 days/year outside Malta is a mandatory condition.
    4. An annual tax contribution of EUR 15,000 is required.

    The applicants who qualify for this important programme will receive a Tax Identification Number and the Permanent Residence Certificate. In terms of advantages, foreigners will benefit from permanent residence, excellent standards of living, and plenty of business opportunities, to name a few. Joining the Global Residency Programme can be made with complete support and legal guidance offered by our immigration lawyers in Malta. Feel free to discuss with our specialists and solicit legal assistance in this matter or for obtaining a residence permit in Malta.

    Malta Residency and Visa Programme (MRVP)

    Malta Residency and Visa Programme is also known as the Malta Golden Visa, a program meant to attract non-EU citizens to relocate to Malta through investments of at least EUR 120,000. A second option offered by this programme is an investment of EUR 250,000 in bond purchase, plus a government contribution of EUR 30,000. Among the requirements imposed refers to the applicant who needs to have annual incomes of at least EUR 100,000 registered outside Malta. Bank savings are also solicited by the immigration authorities and the Maltese government. You should talk to our Maltese immigration lawyers and find out more about Malta Golden Visa Programme.

    If you are interested in obtaining a residence permit in Malta, or Malta citizenship, please contact our immigration lawyers.

    Maltese citizenship by naturalization

    The Individual Investor Programmme or IIP was launched at the beginning of 2020 and it represents a new citizenship program. The Maltese passport is offered at the time citizenship is gained. This programme comes with a series of benefits, like living working, and study in any EU country, plus visa-free travel to more than 180 countries worldwide. Among the requirements to enter this programme we mention the exceptional Direct Investment which implicates a donation of EUR 600,000 for 36 months residency in Malta or EUR 750,000 for a one-year residency. Philanthropic donations of at least EUR 10,000 are required. This new investment programme allows foreigners to gain Maltese citizenship under the Citizenship for exceptional Services programme and an investment of EUR 650,000. All the legal aspects of this new programme can be explained by one of our Maltese immigration lawyers.

    Investment benefits in Malta

    A wide range of investment programmes is available in Malta, for EU and non-EU nationals looking for great standards of living, a proper healthcare system, education, and many more. A series of benefits come with these investment programmes, like free movement with a Maltese passport, for applicants and family members. The transfer of funds between EU countries is permissive for holders of Maltese passports. The same thing is available to EU products, as free movement and transfers are available in the EU. The taxation system in Malta is quite appealing to foreigners wanting to invest in this country. Plus, the tax minimization options can be implemented in any kind of company registered in Malta. Our immigration lawyers in Malta can tell you more about the requirements for entering this country. Support for a residence permit in Malta can be solicited.

    Company relocation in Malta

    Foreign companies can be relocated to Malta in complete confidence, transparency, and lack of bureaucracies. The company relocation process starts with the de-registration in the country of origin and a series of documents that must be approved by the Maltese authorities. A declaration stating the company relocation must be signed by company owners, managers, and administrators. One of our immigration lawyers in Malta can provide legal advice.

    Permanent residency in Malta

    Foreign citizens can apply for permanent residence or ordinary residence, the latter being issued for EU citizens coming to Malta. As for the permanent residence, this is available for both EU and non-EU citizens, under certain conditions that can be explained by one of our immigration lawyers in Malta. Here are some facts and figures about immigration in Malta:

    • approximately 60% of the migrants in Malta come from EU states;
    • the total number of foreign citizens registered in Malta in 2019 was around 99.000;
    • there are around 450,000 citizens in Malta, among which 21% are foreigners;
    • there are more than 13,000 British citizens established in Malta, as recorded in 2019.

    Choosing the services of our immigration lawyers in Malta

    Interested in immigration to Malta? We kindly invite you to talk to one of our specialists in immigration in Malta with experience in this field. We can provide legal assistance and representation in a wide range of immigration matters like visas, residence permits in Malta, work permits, Malta citizenship, business relocation, and many more The legislation related to immigration to Malta might seem complex to foreigners who want to move to this country. This is where our immigration specialists can offer legal advice, representation, and guidance right from the start.

    People interested in immigration services in Malta are invited to contact our team of immigration lawyers in Malta. We provide complete services tailored to your needs, so do not hesitate to talk to us.